Frequently Asked Questions on Vitiligo  


What is Homoeopathy?

        Homoeopathy is a safe, simple, effective scientific system of medicine applying same principle of a disease. We imply this as "Similia similibus curantur'`, which means 'let likes be treated by likes.' The mode of action is totally different from the other systems of medicine not only by the method of application, but also in dosage. Homoeopathy medicines are administered in most diluted forms to avoid unneccessary complications and side effects. It activates the internal energy to fight against the diseases.The most important advantage of taking Homoeopathy medicine - No side effects! The second advantage is permanent cure! Homoeopathy offers safe medication, from infants to the old.

I want know whether the vitiligo spread to others? My husband has white skin in the fingers, toes and genitals will it affect me?

        Vitiligo is not contagious at all. It neither caused by a bacteria, virus, nor by fungus. Vitiligo is caused by the malfunctioning of pigment cells, Melanocyte which fails to secrete the melanin pigments. The skin turns white wherever it lacks the pigment. Many people have misconception that it is contagious particularly with partners. It never spreads even if they have intercourse

My daughter is 11 years old. Recently her lower lips colour changed mild pinkish, sometimes looks almost white. She is medium in complexion. She feels embarrassed when any body asks for it and advices her for treatment. I examined her all parts of the body and told no changes in the skin colour. I am quite afraid about her future, will it spread? Is it curable?

        This variety is mucosal type of vitiligo lesions. It usually self limited and remain as such for long time. But it could turn to acrofacial type involving the fingers, soles, palms, navel, and genitals. Some persons have the tendency to develop frequent mouth ulcers called apthaes and some dyspeptic complaints, such cases improve very rapidly with homoeopathic medicines. If the lesions as true type don’t be panic Homoeopathic remedies cured many cases.

I am 45 years. I have vitiligo since 20 years. First I had a small patch on my left shoulder and almost within a year all of my body turned white. I took allopathy, siddha and ayurvedic treatment. I tried all oils, ointments, PUVA, few turned back and then returned white. I was frustrated in taking treatment. I have a doubt! If I take homoeopathy any thing go worse reaction in my body? Any adverse effects will happen?

        Physiological doses always give a forcible stimulation to the melanocytes. When the doses are more than the toxicity may give adverse effects. The melanocytes which are in a paralyzed state may give few patches to show their forcible stimulation. Second thing that the vitiligo is a dynamic disease producing power; it always reacts better to a dynamic medicines whatever the system treats. Homoeopathic medicines are prepared to such minuteness, potentized to inert the medicinal power to tackle the disease. If the abnormality is absorbed it will work, otherwise it will safely go away from the body without harming anything. It will not have any side effects even if it is continued to their life time.

I am 52 years old. I attained menopause three years back. Now I have small pin sized white spots in my forearm and hands. Is it curable?

        This dysfunction of melanocytes occurs in some persons due to hormonal indulgence. During menopause a women undergo lot of changes in hormonal secretions, which could change the oxidative function. It could be corrected with basic study. These kind of white spots also occurred in some individuals after blood transfusion which could be evolved due auto immune reactions.

I heard that homoeopathy would aggravate the disease and cure after. Whether my existing lesions will spread more?

        No homoeopathic aggravation is seen in allergic reactions, Vitiligo is a progressive disorder. The skin which appears as white shows total dysfunction of the melanocytes. If the patient receives a trauma that healing part remains white for long time. This shows that already the dysfunction of melanocytes had initiated. Generally the lesions respond very quickly if the indicated remedy fits well to the patient, but in some cases the progressiveness is due existing disease force only and not by the medicinal force. Generally the old lesions gets better and reverse order of appearance is a good sign for improvement.

How long it takes to recover. Public opinion is Homoeopathy is slow acting!

        The cure depends on the individual. We do not treat vitiligo in the name of the disease; we treat the patient as whole to raise his immune process to fight with the disease force. The result will be quick depending upon the sensitization, reversible pathology in the body. The response is similar to a small lesion and all over the body is the same. Few patients had given response with in three months. Some patients had responded after two years. We can not assure with time bounded treatment. A homoeopathic physician should apply his mind on the vital changes, study them correctly to prescribe the most suitable remedy for radical cure and give fast relief to the patients

I have vitiligo since three years in my lips, wrist and legs; I took all types of treatment. I applied oils and stood in sunlight for one hour every day. I found few patches turned back and again it is white now. Any external ointments in Homoeopathy?

        We do not advocate any external therapy. We trust the dynamic action of the drugs only to make the body to fight on its own. Usually sun exposure could stimulate melanocyte to a certain degree by it is transient. Local applications, Ultra violet rays also render the same to a patient. The reliability depends only that the immune system action to nulliate the causative factors

I am having vitiligo since 10 years. If I got married will it affect my kids? Shall we prevent it?

        The genetics always differs from one generation to other generation. It depends upon the genes that disease code inserted. It may or may not. For example a fair lady married to a dark man gives birth to fair or dark child. The dark shall give birth to a fair child. The disease genes are always submissive in generations to generations.
So a medicine which is possible to rectify the genetic code will be suitable. We cannot say blindly that Homoeopathy could do wonders or others do a lot.More research is needed, however in the present state; the Homoeopathy has reached in treating the body on dynamic plane

Why non vegetarian food is restricted for vitiligo patients?

        Non Vegetarian foods are recognized by our body as foreign proteins. Meat, Chicken, egg, dry fish, pork or any kind could give auto immune reactions rather than a vegetable origin. It is just like blood transfusion. When blood group is not matched the victim may face grave consequences. Even after good cross matching I have seen some patients with tiny white spots all over the body could be due to auto immune reactions. Clinically the vitiligo patients are less to occur in vegetarians. Especially noted among Brahmins. Vitiligo patients can live happily as vegetarians!

Would stress cause vitiligo?

        Stress will not be the basic cause, but could be an aggravating factor. In our brain hypothalamus is the center for our emotions. It usually picks up the information from the skin as a feed back and order pituitary gland to secrete more melanocyte stimulating hormones. Similarly our emotions could modify the function of pituitary. Counseling is more important to overcome such worries. Homoeopathic prescription is always based on such expression for better prescription to a patient.

I have vitiligo over face, chest, fingers and toes. I am much embarrassed in attending a function or meeting. Shall I put some cosmetic camouflage to cover the spots ?

        The discolourations could make low self esteem and feeling of inferiourity , There are make up materials available to match one’s skin colour. Thesecosmetic camouflage can be used occasionally to attend the functions , but keep in prolonged use could sensitise the keratocytes and melanocytes affecting chemically. Natural colour like Henna, turmeric can be used safely

I am pregnant and carrying since three months , I have white skin and continuing Homoeopathic treatment. Shall I continue during pregnancy?

        Certainly! Homoeopathic Medicines do not have any adverse effect since it treat your immune system not the disease. In fact other allied illness can be tackled with out your knowledge . The medicines are more diluted and administered in dynamic form so it will not have any side effects at all.

I am having a small white spot in my chest . I am getting married soon. Shall I take homoeopathic medicine for immediate recovery. Shall I go for skin grafting? Which is advisable.

        We cannot predict the time limit in an individual since the medicines are applied to arouse your immune system . The susceptibility varies to individual to individual . Since the lesion is single you prefer surgical aids, but if the lesions are always better to rely on medicines

I have the vitiligo patches all over the body . about 95% covered with white skin. Is there any medication available for complete bleaching. I heard great singer Michael Jackson had bleaching.

        Skin bleaching treatment are available only in modern medicine .The chemical could affect the melanocytes functioning and make the dark skin to white. Consult a dermatologist

Why sour things are restricted in diet for vitiligo patients?

        Sour foods are rich in Vitamin C ,which interferes with oxidation process oin melanocyte by affecting the formation tyrosinase .So all citric acid foods to be restricted to minimum. So vitiligo patient is advised to avoid all sour foods like lemon, orange, pickles, grapes. However it is needed minimally to compensated the requirement of vitamin C

How much time needed to cure a vitiligo patient?

This universal question will be expected every patient at the end of the consultation. We cannot challenge or fix time limit for cure. If the symptoms of the patient match the remedy the cure will be fast. There are patients who responded within a period of three months with normal pigmentation. I have seen one vitiligo patient showed improvement only after two years. Generally the patients with dark skin responded quickly than a fair skinned patients. Some patients used to ask me to increase the dose to expedite cure as in modern medicine by believing the material effect of medicines. Homoeopathically we cannot do like that since the medicines are dynamic. The selection of potency and medicine totally depends on the skill of a homoeopath.

I am having vitiligo since 3 years over my lips, forearm and legs. I have tried PUVA therapy; some spots came and then disappeared. I applied oil and showed to the sun every day morning for one hour. Few spots recovered but vanished again after few months. Shall I apply the oil and take homoeopathy medicines together!

        UV Rays, sun exposure and external oils would stimulate the keratocyte photoreceptors to stimulate the melanocytes by activating the pituitary gland through the hypothalamus stimulation. It would be beneficial to understand whether the melanocytes completely destructed or functional disturbed, but it cannot yield permanent result. Here we should stimulate our body immune system for sustained effect and make our body to fight on its own. Homoeopaths apply the medicines to arouse the body’s immunity. This is the reason a Homoeopath takes more time in case taking to understand his mind body in relation to the disease. We do not advocate any external applications for Vitiligo.